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Another ten languages ... or it is twelve? The present page includes links to Eilís's books in French, Dutch, German and Swedish, and shows translations from Afrikaans, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian and Polish. Some of these books have striking illustrations, especially the Czech and Polish editions. The prize for the most ludicrous presentation goes to the Italian version of Death at Crane's Court, where the author's name is misspelled, the strapline is irrelevant, the cover photo misleading, the paper unspeakable, and the text has been chopped here and there to fit into the allotted page-count .... The Italian translator's work, however, is very readable. To round off the page, we have added two "phantom" translations of The Lost Island into Japanese and Korean, which we can see on the web but have yet to see in real life. And we once heard rumours of a Russian Island of Horses floating somewhere on the Internet.

For Swedish click HERE. For German click HERE. For Dutch HERE. French HERE.

(1)>A Family of Foxes in Afrikaans..(2)>The Lost Island, in Chinese..(3)>The Isnand of Horses, in Czech..(4)>A Family of Foxes,  in Danish..(5)>The Singing Cave, Finnish edition

(1) A Family of Foxes, translated into Afrikaans by Peter W. Grobbelaar, Human & Rousseau, Pretoria, 1969
(2) The Lost Island, translated into Chinese, Tomorrow Publishing House, Jinan, 2001
(3) The Island of Horses, translated into Czech by Jitka Minariková, Albatros, Prague, 1971
(4) A Family of Foxes, translated into Danish by Helga Bonnis, Host & Sons, Copenhagen, 1968
(5) The Singing Cave, translated into Finnish by Tarleena Sammalkorpi, Tammi, Helsinki, 1973

(6)> The Coriander, in Hebrew..(7)>Midsummer Magic, in Icelandic..(8)>..(9)>Death at Crane's Court, in Norwegian..(10)>The Seals, in Polish

(6) The Coriander, translated into Hebrew, published by Am Oved, Tel-Aviv, 1962
(7) Midsummer Magic, translated into Icelandic by Jón V. Sveinsson, Idunn, Reykjavik, 1963

(8) Death at Crane's Court, translated into Italian by Giulia Betocchi, Casini, Rome, 1954
(9) Death at Crane's Court, translated into Norwegian by Liv Malling, Aschehoug, Oslo, 1954
(10) The Seals, translated into Polish by Irena Dolezal-Nowicka, Nasza Ksiegarnia, Warsaw, 1974

...The Lost Island in Japanese in Japanese?... The Lost Island in Korean in Korean?

.......see http://orientals.web.fc2.com/koreanfake36.html

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