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Only four of Eilís Dillon's books for young people, and just one detective story, have appeared in French, but the Nathan paperback of The Island of Horses was still in print more than 50 years since the book was first published. Hachette and Nathan are major French publishers, and their books were entrusted to well-established literary translators (Jean Muray being the most prolific), Rageot, which published The Coriander, is now also part of the Hachette group. The Société d'Éditions Périodiques would appear to be linked to the Dutch publisher Het Spectrum / Spaarnestad, as its design for Sent to His Account is identical to the Dutch edition. Like the Dutch version, the (very readable) translation is uncredited. This French-language edition was only ever authorized to be published in Belgium, for a period of one year, and has never been available on the French market.

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Five French translations, including four books for young readers, and one detective story:

(1)>The Island of Horses, French edition..(2)>>San Sebastian, French edition..(3)>>The Coriander, French edition..(4)>>A Family of Foxes, French edition..(5)>>Sent to His Account, French edition

(1) The Island of Horses, translated into French by Huguette Perrin and Nicole Rey, Nathan, Paris 1968 / 1995
(2) The San Sebastian, translated into French by Arlette Silvain, Hachette, Paris, 1955
(3) The Coriander, translated into French by E. Vincent, Editions de l'Amitié - G.T. Rageot, Paris 1973
(4) A Family of Foxes, translated into French by Jean Muray, Hachette, Paris, 1967
(5) Sent to His Account, French translator uncredited, Société d'Éditions Périodiques, Brussels, no date [c. 1966?]

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