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Five of Eilís Dillon's books for young people, and just one detective story, were published in Holland (also covering the Flemish-speaking market, and usually stating two places of publication, such as Haarlem and Antwerp, or Utrecht and Antwerp). Three different imprints were involved, but all six publications came from the same publishing group, Het Spectrum / Spaarnestad, founded in 1906 and specializing in low-cost editions sold outside the regular booktrade [On the background of this firm, and their search for non-scandalous Catholic literature from foreign lands, see the entertaining essay by Adriaan van der Weel, "Scouting for Popular Fiction between the World Wars," in New Perspectives in Book History, ed. Marieke van Delft et al (Zutphen, Walburg Pers, 2006)]. Among the translators listed below, Fie Zegerius and J.P.D. Baas-van Dijk appear to have been well-established in their profession.

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Five Dutch translations of books for young readers, and one detective story:

(1)>>The Island of Horses, Dutch edition...(2)>>The San Sebastian, Dutch edition...(3)>>The Fort of Gold, Dutch edition...(4)>>The Singing Cave, Dutch edition...

(5)>>The House on the Shore, Dutch edition...(6)>>...Sent to His Account, Dutch edition...

(1) The Island of Horses, translated into Dutch by H.A. Dirks-van Genderen, Prisma-Juniores, Utrecht/Antwerp 1962
(2) The San Sebastian, translated into Dutch by G. de Vries-Roelofsen, Prisma-Juniores, Utrecht/Antwerp 1959
(3) The Fort of Gold, translated into Dutch by Fie Zegerius, Prisma-Juniores, Utrecht/Antwerp 1965
(4) The Singing Cave, translated into Dutch by J.P.D. Baas-van Dijk, Prisma-Juniores, Utrecht/Antwerp 1960
(5) The House on the Shore, Dutch translator uncredited, Terriër-jeugdpocket, De Spaarnestad, Haarlem, no date
(6) Sent to His Account, Dutch translator uncredited, NV Drukkerij De Spaarnestad, Haarlem, no date [c. 1963?]
.....[The author's name is misspelled on the dust jacket, but is correct on the hard binding]

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