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Many of Eilís Dillon's books were published in Germany: eighteen titles between 1954 and 1982. Throughout her career, in fact, Germans were among her most consistent readers. The translators (several of whom were also authors in their own right) included Annemarie Böll, whose husband, the celebrated German novelist and Nobel Prizewinner Heinrich Böll, also took an interest in the translations, and formally put his name to one classic book: The Island of Horses. Heinrich Böll's appreciation of Ireland and its culture has been documented in his Irish Journal (1957) and is still commemorated in the Heinrich Böll Cottage on Achill Island, a centre and residence for creative artists. Eilís's books for young people were mostly published by Herder, of Freiburg-im-Breisgau, while three historical novels were published by Rainer Wunderlich/ Hermann Leins (now part of the Rowohlt group). Two of the books were produced in East Germany under a co-publication agreement.

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Thirteen German translations of Eilís Dillon's books for young people (Also, 5 novels: see below):

(1)>>Island of Horses, German edition...(2)>>The Lost Island, first German translation...(3)>>The Lost Island, second German translation...(4)>>A Family of Foxes, German edition...(5)>>Cruise of Santa Maria, German edition

(1) The Island of Horses, translated into German by Annemarie and Heinrich Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1964
(2) The Lost Island: the first German translation by Marie Morgenstern, Schaffstein, Köln, 1954
(3) The Lost Island: the second German translation by Hans-Georg Noack, Arena, Würtzburg, 1987
(4) A Family of Foxes, translated into German by Annemarie Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1964
(5) The Cruise of the Santa Maria, translated into German by Annemarie Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1967

(6)>>The Singing Cave, German edition...(7)>>A Herd of Deer, German edition...(8)>>Shadow of Vesuvius, German edition...(9)>>The House on the Shore, German edition...(10)>The Seals, German edition

(6) The Singing Cave, translated into German by Leonharda Gescher, Schaffstein, Köln, 1962
(7) A Herd of Deer, translated into German by Annemarie Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1972
(8) The Shadow of Vesuvius, translated into German by Annemarie Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1980
(9) The House on the Shore, translated into German by Gisela Petersen, Herder, Freiburg, 1977
(10) The Seals, translated into German by Annemarie Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1970

(11)>>The Coriander, German edition...(11a)>>The Coriander, German title page...(12)>>A Pony and Trap, German edition...(13)>>The Sea Wall German translation

(11) The Coriander, translated into German by Annemarie Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1966
(11a) The Coriander, title-page showing woodcut illustration by the artist Auguste Kronheim-Aigner
(12) A Pony and Trap, translated into German by Mira Lobe, Ueberreuter, Vienna and Heidelberg, 1967

(13) The Sea Wall, translated into German by Annemarie Böll, Herder, Freiburg, 1969

German translations of Eilís Dillon's novels, and an early detective story

(14)>Across the Bitter Sea, German edition...(15)>Blood Relations, German edition...(16)>Wild Geese, German edition...(17)>Bold John Henebry, German edition...(18)>Death at Crane's Court, German edition

(14) Across the Bitter Sea, translated into German by Herbert Roch, Wunderlich, Tübingen, 1975
(15) Blood Relations, translated into German by Wulf Teichmann, Wunderlich, Tübingen, 1978
(16) Wild Geese, translated into German by Margaret Carroux, Wunderlich, Tübingen, 1982
(17) Bold John Henebry, translated into German by Eva Korhammer, Herder, Freiburg, 1966
(18) Death at Crane's Court, translated into German by Ursula von Wiese, Munich, Kurt Desch, 1959


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