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Author Photo More than twenty of Eilís Dillon's books were translated into German. The Herder company of Freiburg published most of her teenage books, many of them translated by Annemarie Böll, and one (The Island of Horses/Die Insel der Pferde) translated by Annemarie and Heinrich Böll. Later, her historical novels were issued by Rainer Wunderlich Verlag. Recently, the paperback firm dtv (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag) has begun to republish her classic titles for young people. One of these, Im Schatten des Vesuv (The Sahdow of Vesuvius) has attracted interest as a valuable educational resource, and the links below lead to a very attractive class project done in the Elisabeth-von-Thadden-Schule in Heidelberg, under the direction of Ute Schoppmann.

Im Schatten des Vesuv: Ein Jugendbuchprojekt der Klasse 7R

(information on the site)

Index of German school projects on books for young people, including
Im Schatten des Vesuv by Eilís Dillon

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The Island of Horses in German

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