Vivian Mercier
A Reader's Guide to the New Novel
From Queneau to Pinget

Vivian Mercier

The New Novel was published simultaneously
by the Noonday Press (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux), New York
and Doubleday Canada Ltd., Toronto. The following description
is taken from the THE NOONDAY PRESS
paperback edition.
ISBN 0-374-50983-2

A Reader's Guide to The New Novel

"Vivian Mercier has explored the reasonings of those who have turned away from the old novel and evaluated the works they are offering as substitutes. Since they are united mainly in attacking tradition, his close readings are an excellent guide to how they differ not only from the past, but also from each other. He has considered the work of Raymond Queneau, Sarraute, RobbeGrillet, Michel Butor, Claude Simon, Claude Mauriae, and Robert Pinget. Because he pays as much attention to their theoretical writings as to their fiction, his book will serve as a guide to all those who have heard about recent French fiction, but who don't know where to begin or what to look for." -Thomas Lask, The New York Times

"This careful but lively survey consists of an intensive study of a major novel by the author under consideration plus a chronological account of his other novels. Mercier explains the plots and special techniques of the various novels as clearly and exactly as possible, combining intellectual analysis with witty asides and cheerful partisanship. This is the best book available on the subject."-Library Journal

"Vivian Mercier's valuable analysis is the latest word on the subject of the New Novel."-William Kennedy, Look

"Filled with details, but never, never boring . . ." -America

When he wrote this book, Vivian Mercier was a member of the English department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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